I have known Edwin Masters for over 10 years now. In that time I hired him to perform, compose, and be the lead Director/Coordinator of music ensembles for many of the events I produced.

There are several reasons why I keep working with Edwin, the first and foremost being that his talent is superior (although his humble nature wont admit his tremendous talent, not even after appearing at the House of Blues).

His life IS music, he has trained with the best of the best and lives by the code of the guitar. As a percussionist he channels the drum gods, to watch him perform and get lost in his music is an art in itself.

Needless to say, many of the attendees at my events have requested him for their personal shindigs. He maintains a low profile with an effective word-of-mouth and “by-recommendation only” career.

Another reason I like working with Edwin is his professionalism. He is always on time, he always pulls through, even at the most random requests with limited timelines. I know, I have asked him in the past for a “Tabla” and Guitar performance (with a one week’s notice). Low and behold, I got concert I had envisioned for the opening of my gallery at Space 4 Art.

There are family reasons that keep Edwin stationed in San Diego. Mark my words, one of these days this man is going to venture to L.A., Miami and/or Nashville and he’s going to make it, and make it BIG. My best advice to those reading this recommendation, it to book him now while he’s still affordable!

Patty Rangel (from a LinkedIn recommendation from a CalArts Alumnist)

Event Produced by Patty Rangel
Laser Show by Randy Johnson
Live Music performance by Edwin Masters
Technical Direction by Thomas Nichols

A Private Viewing of an Original Hologram by the Artist Salvador Dali
and Co-Creator/Holographer Selwyn Lissack

This was the first time that the Salvador Dali Hologram was shown to a public audience since its creation. The hologram is privately owned and priced at $1 Million USD.

This presentation was for the Museum Directors and Committee for the San Diego Centennial Celebration of Balboa Park (Pan-American World’s Fair) and their consideration of technology applications for the Expo in 2015.

Special thanks to Musician/Composer Edwin Masters for playing classical guitar during the unveiling of the Dali hologram (starting at 1:33 on the video).

Thanks to Blisslights, AV Concepts, Isauro Mercado and Abelardo Rodriguez

METAVERSEproductions 2011

metaverseproductions said: What is your most memorable performance experience?

Playing solo Trumpet in 6th Grade, messing up and re-starting, finishing the piece and realizing that I did not die.

Edwin Masters plays at a Private Garden Winetasting in San Diego, California


PLEASE CALL (619) 884-1262

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Edwin Masters performs at a VIP event for Balboa Park’s host committee of the “Centennial Celebration of the Pan-American Exposition”. The event promoted Technology, Art abd Music (2011)


EDWIN MASTERS studied classical guitar with Fred Benedetti and Dr. Ron Sherrod, both of whom studied with Andre Segovia (considered to be the Father of Modern Classical Guitar).

A musician since the age of eight, Edwin trained in trumpet, bass, guitar and percussion and has been performing in the U.S. and Mexico for 30 years.

Performances include:
The Baja California International Folk Festival, House of Blues (San Diego), 4th and B (San Diego), Planet Genius (San Diego Sports Arena), Mardi Gras Festival (Downtown San Diego), Kava Lounge (San Diego), Dragon Lounge (San Diego), Gator by the Bay - Zydeco, Blues and Jazz Festival (San Diego), Street Scene (San Diego), Earth Day (San Diego), Dragonball (New Year’s Eve at the Museum of Man, San Diego), Little Italy Art Walk (San Diego), Laguna Beach Arts Festival, San Francisco Carnival, Ensenada Carnival, NYE 2000 Ensenada (Mexico).

10 plays

Edwin Masters jammin at party!  Recording on sprint HTC voice recorder by Patty Rangel.

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Edwin Masters performs at the Endangered Planet Gallery in Laguna Beach, California for the Autumn Equinox celebration.

Edwin Masters performs at “Urban Jam” at the FUERZA Mundo Gallery in San Diego

Fall down Seven Times, Get Back Up Eight
Traditional Japanese saying


Hanging in the threshold of the hallway in our house on a baby swing

Edwin Masters performs in the VIRTUASOUL gallery at San Diego Space 4 Art

Edwin Masters performs in the VIRTUASOUL gallery at San Diego Space 4 Art

Musician Edwin Masters is the first in history to perform LIVE on a Musion Holographic Stage with real interactive Avatars from the Second Life virtual world.

This stage was the same one used by Dr. Dre to holographically project Tupac’s image at the Coachella Music Festival (2012).